What is Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Commonly known as Medigap, it is a health insurance policy that covers the extras not included in Medicare Part A and Part B. Government regulations allow private insurance brokers to offer seniors to choose one of 10 standard plans. Plans, A through L, are offered by private insurance companies that are not officially connected to the government Medicare program. Please view our guide for more information.

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Tips on Buying Supplemental Insurance

It is important to note that all private insurance carriers are offering the same exact levels of coverage, simplifying the purchasing process. These companies are competing with one and another based on customer service, monthly premiums, and more. The policy that you choose will depend a lot on your budget, lifestyle, and health. It is important to compare supplemental plan options to educate yourself on the differences between the available plans. You can view our blog for related articles on the topic.

Medicare Guarantee Issue and Open Enrollment Periods

New for 2017 eMedicare is our YouTube channel dedicated to Medicare. Here you can find videos on tricky Medicare subjects with our experts! One of our latest videos is "Medicare Guarantee Issue and Open Enrollment Periods"

I picked my plan now what?

Once you pick a Supplementary health Plan that best suits your wants and needs, you can call us or read our blog for more information. We are here to help you get the best plan you can afford and need. We also shop around different insurance companies to find you the best supplemental price!

Looking for more information?

If you like to do your research you can look over our site, and blogs for more information. Also you can check out the government Medicare website at Another option is to call our licensed, USA based agents at 1-877-202-9248.

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