Understanding Medicare

Understanding Medicare

Medicare is a puzzle; there are a number of different pieces that fit together to make your own unique health plan. Medicare is a government sponsored program that is set up to meet the many health care needs of today’s seniors and others who qualify for coverage.

Understanding Medicare Supplemental Insurance

The Medicare Program on a whole looks vastly different than it did a few years ago. Medicare approves private companies to provide different ways to get health care and prescription drug coverage. The combination of Medicare Plans that you choose with affect:

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A covers:

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B covers:

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is a plan that is offered by private companies that contract with Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans include:

If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan your services are covered under the plan and are not paid for under the Original Medicare Plan.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, otherwise known as Medigap, are policies that are sold through private insurance companies to fill in the gaps in health care coverage that occur in Original Medicare Plan coverage. Participants are able to choose a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan labeled Plan A through Plan N. Medigap policies only work in conjunction with Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Part D, otherwise known as prescription drug coverage for Medicare, is a supplemental insurance plan that is available to all Medicare participants and is offered through private insurance companies.

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