Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is a government sponsored health insurance plan that helps cover medical expenses that are related to hospitalization, known as inpatient expenses. Almost all Medicare recipients are automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A when they first become eligible.

Costs Associated with Medicare Part A

With Medicare Part A, hospital insurance, you usually do not pay a monthly premium for coverage if you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes while working, otherwise known as Premium-Free Part A.

How much does Medicare Part A cost?

Medicare Part A will cost you up to $413 each month (for 2019) if you aren’t one of the 99% of people that receive premium free.

Enrollees qualify for Medicare Part A Premium-Free at 65 if:

Enrollees qualify for Medicare Part A Premium-Free under 65 if:

Most often if a participant chooses to buy Medicare Part A they must also have Medicare Part B. A monthly premium will be owed on both.

What does Medicare Cover?

Services that are considered medically necessary in order to treat a condition or disease are covered under Medicare. This includes:

Participants in a Medicare Advantage Plan or other Medicare plans will have different rules to follow. The coverage that is offered must at least have the same coverage as Original Medicare however; certain services may only be covered in certain setting or for patients with certain conditions. In general coverage with Medicare Part A covers:

Does Medicare Part A Cover what you need?

There are two ways that participants can find out if Medicare Part A is going to cover the care that you are going to need. The first and most effective way is to talk with your health care provider about why they are recommending certain services and supplies and ask if Medicare will cover them. If the provider thinks Medicare will not cover a certain service or supply that is normally covered by Medicare they will have you read and sign a waiver that states you may be required to pay out of pocket. The second way to look into your Medicare coverage is on the government sponsored website. You can find that by visiting

Medicare Coverage is based on 3 Main Factors

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